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The catering equipment market is developing rapidly to facilitate the demand for models that deliver high levels of energy efficiency and technically advanced features that can interface with the “connected kitchen”. JGA specifications for the most appropriate equipment, will reduce running costs, minimise the carbon footprint of a facility and will make all the difference to a BREEAM rating. Energy efficient equipment will also minimise utility bills and local authority charges for waste removal. We are actively specifying Energy Optimisation Systems that are proven to further reduce power consumption while interfacing these with a growing choice of optional extras such as temperature monitoring, CCTV and HACCP data logging. Other systems such as “on demand” ventilation and heat recovery are all options that can be considered

Ecodesign Directive & Refrigeration

The Ecodesign directive is an approach to unit design which targets energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. It encourages manufacturers to consider the environmental impact of a system over the lifetime of the product. Products are now labelled and graded to clearly identify their energy rating. JGA will specify models that offer the highest efficiency and the lowest running costs.

Food Waste

The Government is focusing more heavily on commercial waste. Consequently, legislation is set to change in 2023 which will make separate food waste collections mandatory for commercial operations with a targeted 75% recycling rate by 2030. It is important that businesses are prepared for the incoming legislation as non-compliance could land heavy fines. JGA can advise on systems that can reduce food waste by tracking processes to identify areas for reducing food waste. Where it is unavoidable, there are systems that can dehydrate, “digest” and compost food waste to convert it into a useable by product.